noémie serfaty

Des Agrégations (Disintegration)

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Every year, hundreds of French students go through the agrégation de philosophie, a national philosophy contest to become a philosophy teacher. Through the story of Louis, Cherihene, Lyess and Stefanos, 4 students from radically different social backgrounds, the film dives into the medieval institution of La Sorbonne and the core of French style, old-school elitism. Credit: Editor, Director, Producer.

Ahoti (Sister), Portraits of Mizrahi Feminists

- In the works -

In weaving together stories of Mizrahi Feminists committed to fighting for a free Palestine, I intend to shed light on the intersection of identities that we exist in. As Jewish women from the Middle East and North Africa, we wrestle with the white supremacy traversing the Jewish world. We live at the intersection of patriarchy and Israel's pervasive anti-Arab racism. Through these poignant stories, these women unveil a complexity that I believe deserves to be held in order to draw dissident lines of solidarity. Credit: Producer, Director, Editor.

Treasure Island

Smadar is being evicted from her house on Treasure Island. She reveals that her landlord - the city of SF - has been acting a slumlord to all the residents of the Island. Credit: Image, Sound, Editing, Directing.

"Nothing to lose but our chains"

- In the works -

Stemming from street protests and diving deeper, this film focuses on 3 Black women engaged in a day to day struggle to uplift their community in a place where they and their loved ones are under constant attack, and weaves their teachings and experiences on revolution, self-determination and liberation. This is an effort to share what I have learnt from them, particularly for other women engaged in decolonial struggle. Credit: Director, Editor.

"When Police Kill: Barriers to Accountability"

This project was comissioned by the Justice Teams Network, a coalition of Black Lives Matter chapters across California. It inaugurates a campaign to repeal the laws that prevent police accountability in California. Credit: Producer, Director, Editor.

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