noémie serfaty

Des Agrégations (Disintegration)

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Every year, hundreds of French students go through the agrégation de philosophie, a national philosophy contest to become a philosophy teacher. Through the story of Louis, Cherihene, Lyess and Stefanos, 4 students from radically different social backgrounds, the film dives into the medieval institution of La Sorbonne and the core of French style, old-school elitism. Credit: Editor, Director, Producer.

Treasure Island

Smadar is being evicted from her house on Treasure Island. She reveals that her landlord - the city of SF - has been acting a slumlord to all the residents of the Island. Credit: Image, Sound, Editing, Directing.

"Nothing to lose but our chains"

- In the works -

Stemming from street protests and diving deeper, this film focuses on 3 Black women engaged in a day to day struggle to uplift their community in a place where they and their loved ones are under constant attack, and weaves their teachings and experiences on revolution, self-determination and liberation. This is an effort to share what I have learnt from them, particularly for other women engaged in decolonial struggle. Credit: Director, Editor.

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