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Cameras were always intimidating to me. For a while I unconscioulsy saw them as reserved to white men. They were staring at us. We were the objects. How can we use the camera so that every participant is the story-teller? How can we seize this tool and use it for our collective liberation? Those are the questions I am attempting to answer. Most of the work you see here has been produced within video collectives, in order to serve black and indigenous people led communities in their effort towards self-determination.

Des Agrégations (Disintegration)

Film online here!

Every year, hundreds of students go through the agrégation de philosophie, a national philosophy contest to become a philosophy teacher. Through the story of Louis, Cherihene, Lyess and Stefanos, 4 students from radically different social backgrounds, the film dives into the medieval institution of La Sorbonne and the core of French style, old-school elitism.

Nothing to lose but our chains

- In the works -

As giant fortunes of the tech industry have moved to the Bay Area, pushing out its most vulnerable communities, the police kills Black, Brown and homeless people with complete impunity. In Oakland and SF, a wave of Black-led resistance and power, sustained by a long tradition of self-determination, is emerging. Stemming from street protests and diving deeper, this film focuses on women engaged in a day to day struggle to uplift their community and weaves their perspectives and experiences on revolution, self-determination and liberation.