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Cameras were always intimidating to me. For a while I unconscioulsy saw them as reserved to white men: they were staring at us, and we were the objects. How can we use the camera so that every participant is the story-teller? How can we seize this tool and use it for our collective liberation? Those are the questions that drive me.

Most of the work you see here has been produced within video collectives, in the spirit of serving Black, Brown and Indigenous people led efforts towards self-determination.

The Wanda Project

The Wanda project is a webseries hosted by master gardener, urban agriculture farmer and community organizer Wanda Stewart. She will be teaching permaculture and the ways it relates to Black Liberation, community resilience as well as the role of black and indigenous leadership in addressing the environmental and political challenges of our time. Each episode conjugates a principle of permaculture and features a guest (elder/activist), a plant or produce, and a practice or recipe. Wanda weaves these teachings together with mind blowing metaphors that combine the magic of her gardening skills with her passion for community building. She shows us how to plant the seeds of wisdom necessary to build a sustainable and just future. Produced by all women's film collective Crossfade Coven. Coming out October 2017. Credit: cinematography, co-writing.

Gilda Baker demands Justice for her son

This video was produced by Anti Police-Terror Project at the request of Gilda Baker. Meeting Gilda has been a life changing experience and I hope this video contributes in obtaining justice for her son. See the longer version.

On January 8th 2016, the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition disrupted SF Mayor Ed Lee's Inaugural Ceremony to demand the firing of Police Chief Greg Suhr.

This video was produced by The Liberated Lens collective and was an incredible collaboration among its members, some of which were working in a film crew for the first time. Credit: Director.

Stolen Land Tour thru Eastern Turtle Island

Poor Magazine, a Poor, Black and Indigenous people-led movement is touring through the country to collect reparations for the theft of their lands. Through this work of redistribution, they are building homefulness, a replicable solution to homelessness and a pathway towards self-determination. This video was shot with smartphones and cameras. I was asked to edit it.

On Saturday Jan 30th 2016, about a month after the traumatic killing of Mario Woods by the SFPD, the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition marched to Super Bowl city to protest against police violence and the gentrification of their city. As tourists flood the city for the SuperBowl, homeless people are being thrown in jail and black people are under constant attack by the SFPD. Here, members of the Last 3% of Black San Francisco, a group I deeply respect, are holding down a line of cops trying to prevent them from entering Super Bowl City. Although they are outnumbered by armed cops, they are speaking truth to power.

This video was a collaboration between me (image) Stephen Graves (image) and Patrick Simmons (editing). It documents an action led during the SuperBowl to protest the criminalization of homelessness.
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